What is well cleaning services and what is involved in well cleaning

Well cleaning is no doubt a very labour intensive job and we at Service Bush play a very dynamic role in keeping your water safe and pure. Well cleaning plays a very important role in extending the life of water in the well and its various components and keeps the water in the well fit for drinking and other purposes. Cleaning the well and disinfecting it are two essential but different tasks.

Service Bush helps in supplying clean water from your water well/ water tank through the offering of various services like periodic well cleaning and well disinfection services.

When does a water well need cleaning ?

The answer to this important question lies with you that when was the last time you had your well inspected. If you can’t remember, then this is the time you should get it done! However Service Bush advises its clients a well cleaning service for every 7-10 years. And some of the alarming signs that suggest the time for your water well cleaning includes :-

  • Well water coming out of the tap contains foreign matter or it is cloudy.
  • Water gives a funny smell or taste.
  • Well capacity is falling with the simultaneous decrease in water pressure.
  • Biological Well water testing which is positive for bacteria and other harmful materials.
  • Odd smell, tastes, discolouration.
  • If your clothes show iron stains or in your toilets or sinks.

All the above are a few indicators that your well water needs rehabilitation and through cleaning. If you still choose to ignore these indicators then you are most likely to experience life threatening and costly damage to your well and health hazards for living beings associated with you.

Scope of the services offered

Before we enter into the scope of numerous water well cleaning services offered by Service Bush, it is important to mention here the usual causes of well malfunctioning. One of the reasons stated as follows:-

  • Encrustation.
  • Biological contaminations.
  • Deposit builds up on the well components such as pumps, screens and casings..

Scope of activities performed and methods adopted by us in the comprehensive process of water well cleaning are :-

  • Our water well cleaning services starts with a thorough inspection of the well to determine the kind of chemicals and equipment that will be required and the methodology that will be most suitable to the individual specific well.
  • Checking of water pressure.
  • Then, firstly the underground working of the well such as summer sible and other electronic and plumbing components are removed. And only after these parts are removed and cleaned separately that the well itself can be cleaned.
  • Insertion of high pressure air for the removal of debris from the top of the well’s head.
  • Restoring Flow of water.
  • Similarly, High pressure water lines are also used for removing all and any kind of pollutants in the well.
  • Sometimes, high frequency ultrasonic sound waves are also introduced in the well to break through and remove any particles of debris from the well.
  • Maintaining water well logs.
  • After the application of most suitable high pressure techniques manual cleaning is adopted through the use of wire brushes and other tools to clean the debris.
  • Application of chemical to dissolve the contaminants.
Our Expertise

Service bush is an extremely professional and experienced enterprise having expertise in the following services

  • Emergency well water services
  • Well drilling
  • Excavation services
  • Pumps and Tanks cleaning
  • Water conditioning
  • Water disinfecting services
  • Water well abandonment
  • Water well cleaning and Rehabilitation
  • Water well inspections
  • Well camera inspection services
Why Choose Us

Custom Tailored.

Our well cleaning and rehabilitation services are specifically tailored and custom made to suit every individual requirement.


Extensive knowledge.

We hire and train only experienced crew and support staff that are capable of performing the rare Well Cleaning.


Economies of costs.

Economies of costs and operating efficiencies through a well maintained and cleaned water well.


Years of experience.

Hands on experience on using complex techniques of water well cleaning.



A loyal team of hardworking professionals. Advanced Technology and tools.


Flexible timings.

Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of it self cause it is pain but occasionally.

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